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DeBa BIO VITAL Refreshing Foot Care Cosmetic cream with BIO extract, oils and ingredients that prevent the sweating of the feet. It regulates the secretion of the sudoriferous glands, eliminates the unpleasant odour, cools and refreshes tired feet. *100% Natural BIO Certificated Ingredients

• NO parabens

• NO silicones

• NO colorants

• NO mineral oils.

Active ingredients FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN:

Lemon peel extract*(Rich in vitamins and mineral salts. It contains antioxidants, which provide strong action against the free radicals. Nourishes the skin and prevents skin dehydration.), Olive oil (Nourishes, retains moisture and gives skin a silky softness), Peppermint oil (It has a cooling and refreshing effect and tones the skin), Cetrimide ВР (Prevents sweating of the feet, fights fungal infections and eliminates unpleasant smell). Usage: Apply to feet and massage until the complete absorption of the product into skin.