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Permanent hair color cream

New Repair & Protect Complex
Q10+Oleic Acid+Vit.C

Strong and shining hair
100 % grey hair coverage
Long lasting brilliant color

RUBELLA specialized laboratory “STYLE INNOVATION” has developed a new Q10 Repair & Protect complex for the PREMIUM FASHION hair color cream for the healthy and natural appearance of your dyed hair. Q10 Repair & Protect complex provides special protection of the hair and restores its strength and vitality. The four components of the hair color cream, consisting of specially selected and tested out active ingredients, build a four-grade complex with the overall effect of achieving the desired hair color and keeping the hair youthful and healthy as well.

Due to the combination of Coenzyme Q10, Oleic Acid and Vitamin C the Q10 Repair & Protect complex helps to fight age-related changes and maintain a youthful appearance of hair. The special formula of the oxidant contains rice peptide, which enhances hair strength and vitality. The Natural Plant Oils, added to the hair color cream protect hair from dehydration and make it soft and glossy. The conditioner with Keratine, D-Panthenoland Vitamin PP provides special care after the coloration, fixing the color and leaving an amazing shine.

The package contains:

1. Tube with color cream50 ml ℮

2. Bottle of developer 50ml ℮

3. Sachet with natural plant oils 4ml ℮

4. Sachet with fixing balm 15 ml ℮

5. Protective gloves

6. Comb-aplicator

7. Instructions for use

Premium Fashion hair color cream includes range of 15 color + 1 lightening cream.