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Daily bad habits or poor hygiene can demineralize tooth enamel which leads to the formation of cracks within it and plaque accumulation - a cause for yellow teeth. The new formula of DENTAL PRO White & Protect contains a complex of hydroxyapatite, silicate and phosphate components that help remove plaque and reduce stains on teeth. When in contact with the water content in the saliva, the hydroxyapatite is activated. As a result of this, the calcium and phosphate ions are released and penetrate into cracks formed onto teeth and regenerate their enamel. Thus, the enamel recovers its whiteness and the sensitivity pain is reduced. Furthermore, ions successfully bind to plaque bacteria, contributing to their easy removal from the enamel when rinsing after cleaning with a toothbrush. The silicate and phosphate components have a strong abrasive and cleaning action against stains and plaque. Rubella recommends: For healthy gums and teeth, use regularly DENTAL PRO  White&Protect  at least twice a day, cleaning them for 2-3 minutes with the right Dental toothbrush.