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The effect of a number of harmful factors demineralises teeth enamel and they become hypersensitive. DENTAL PRO Repair & Protect contains hydroxyapatite, which structure is composed of calcium and phosphate ions and is the main mineral substance constructing the outer two layers of the teeth - enamel and dentin. For the more efficient absorption and action of hydroxyapatite, the formula of DENTAL PRO Repair & Protect does not contain water. When in contact with the water content in the saliva, the hydroxyapatite is activated. As a result of this, the calcium and phosphate ions are released and penetrate into cracks formed onto teeth and regenerate their enamel. This restores and smoothes the tooth enamel, which reduces the pain of sensitive teeth. Restores the small cracks and scratches on teeth and restores the strength of their enamel. Rubella recommends: For healthy gums and teeth, use regularly DENTAL PRO Repair & Protect at least twice a day, cleaning them for 2-3 minutes with the right Dental toothbrush.