RUBELLA is a leading Bulgarian cosmetics company with nearly 20-year-long traditions in the production and trade with hygienic and cosmetic products. Its product list includes: products for oral and dental hygiene, hair care products, facial and body cosmetics, male series.

The Company is constantly expanding its market share and is occupying key positions both on the domestic and on international markets. It is the biggest Bulgarian exporter of cosmetic and hygienic products for the countries of the CIS, CEFTA, the European Union, the Balkan region, Asia and elsewhere. The trademarks Dental, Deva, etc. are well known and sought as optimum combination of good quality and attractive price, and they successfully compete with recognised world trademarks in their respective class.

RUBELLA is the only Bulgarian cosmetics company that guarantees fully completed technological cycle in the production of toothpastes and cream-like products in laminate tubes. The production of the company's own laminate foil and packages makes its production competitive, being an additional guarantee of the quality and reliability of the products.

As a result of the modern management system, the high technological potential and the successful product policy, which follows the global tendencies in the development of the cosmetics sector, the annual volume of the production increases by about 20%. The Company develops and consistently implements significant investment projects connected with the introduction of new technologies, reconstruction and modernisation of the technological equipment in the main productions.

The Company is a permanent partner of recognised companies in the world - suppliers of high-quality raw materials for the cosmetic and hygiene industry, like Quest, Haarman & Reimer GmbH, Degussa, Lowenstein, etc. It participates regularly in prestigious international exhibitions and trade fairs, such as Cosmoprof, Private Label, Intercharm, etc.

As a modern company with public involvement, RUBELLA is investing considerable resources in environmental protection, in the social development of the region where the production facilities are located, it also initiates and actively supports charity activities.

RUBELLA possesses a Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001 of the Lloyds Register. Since 2008 Rubella also possesses Certificates in ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by Lloyds Register. The company was certified against ISO 22716 C GMP in 2008.

During the last years Rubella Beauty JSC had devoted itself to continuous improvements, following closely the ever inspiring demands of its clients and all EU legislative requirements. Rubella Beauty JSC is continuously paying attention to producing cosmetics products of consistant safety and quality. We are investing in new machines, education of the personnel and improving the microclimate of the company. The main purpose of the company has always been the production of modern innovative cosmetic products of good quality and safe for the human health.

The British standard BRC Global Standard for consumer products gives the opportunity each company to evaluate thoroughly its production concerning human health safety. The British standard introduces requirements each company to identify all the critical control points during the production of a first-class, safe and legal product. All critical control points in the production process are subject to constant control and automated surveillance.

As a result of all our efforts Rubella Beauty JSC is proud to present to you the BRC Global Standard for consumer products Certificate, achieved this year.

We hope we would continue our excelent business relationship during 2010 with all our partners, clients and friends.


The development of the company and the implementation of the Integrated System of Management covering the requirements of five standards lead to reconsidering and updating the company policy. The integrated policy can be found published in our site.




for the policy of the Integrated management system of

Rubella BeautyAD


The management policy of Rubella BeautyAD is orientated towards the enhanced trust of the customers, concerned parties and the public at the development, design and production of cosmetic products through compliance with the customersgrowing requirements, aspiration for quality improvement and product safety, positive impact on the environment, health and safety management at work and observation of the good hygiene and manufacturing practices.


Following our philosophy, we base our activity on the principles below:

·         To increase the company competitiveness through enlarging our market segment in the conditions of worldwide globalisation by applying the provisions of the national and European legislation regarding the product quality and safety;

·         To achieve our customersfull satisfaction through efficient management of all processes affecting the product quality, safety and compliance with the customers’ demands and the applicable regulations.

·         To develop the skills and enhance the staffs qualification and to increase their cooperation through efficient training and higher personal responsibility for securing health and safety at work, environment protection, product safety, good hygiene and manufacturing practices;

·      Continuous monitoring and measuring key parameters of the processes and activities, related to ensuring healthy and safe conditions at the work places to minimise the risks to the staff: diseases and accidents, and to other concerned parties, which could be exposed to risks for their health and safety related to the organisation’s activities, processes and products;

·   To maintain and improve the company infrastructure, the organisation of the manufacturing processes and human resources in accordance with the requirements of the good hygiene and manufacturing practices in cosmetics;


·         Commitment to observing the applicable legal and other regulations, as well as voluntarily adopted requirements for the product safety, healthy and safe labour conditions, environment protection and meeting the hygiene requirements regarding the company activities, processes, work places, work equipment and products;

·         To ensure healthy and safe labour conditions to all employees working in the company by improving the work environment and purchasing modern production equipment, and continuous striving towards injury and disease prevention;

·         Active cooperation with the organisations authorised to control healthy and safe labour conditions, environment protection and product safety and all concerned parties when solving problems regarding the provision of such conditions;

  • To constantly improve the ecological condition by elaboration and implementation of investment programmes and introduction of "the best available techniques" orientated to the constant reduction, improvement and prevention of environmental pollution;
  • To build up mutually beneficial relations with the suppliers for provision of good-quality and timely deliveries of raw materials, materials and services;

·         To determine, achieve and review common and specific objectives regarding quality, environment, health and safety at work;

·         To continuously review and update the Policy in compliance with the ever changing competitive conditions.


 Using the most modern models, methods and means and observing the European legislation, we guarantee the following:

·        Short terms;

·        Efficiency;

·        Optimal price;

·        Flexibility regarding changes while guaranteeing the quality;

·        Convenience for use and product safety;

·        Documentation completeness and compliance.


Our organisation has set itself high aims for the company economic efficiency, the product quality and safety and the modern organisation of labour. Complying with these aims the company has created and maintains an Integrated management system pursuant to the following standards:

·          BSS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system

·          BSS EN ISO 14001:2005 Environment management system

·          BS OHSAS 18001:2007 System for management of health and safety at work

·          EN ISO 22716:2008 „Good manufacturing practices in cosmetics

·     BRC Global Standard for consumer products, ISSUE 3 – The global standard of the British Traders’ Association


We have created conditions for the employees’ involvement and commitment to the company objectives and the Policy, these conditions being regularly reviewed for adequacy and updating according to the continuously changing business environment.


The company management is responsible for disclosing, clarifying and applying the company Policy, for achieving the objectives regarding the quality, environment, safe and healthy labour conditions and the production of a safe cosmetic product of high quality, as well as for taking all the necessary measures for achieving the aims set in the deadlines fixed.


This policy of the integrated system is approved by all members of our team and is applied and maintained at all company levels.




Date: 08.12.2015                                                               CEO

Krasimir Mitev